FlowerWallCo are a specialist flower wall hire company and décor fitting specialist based in Portsmouth and operate across the South of England.

We create beautiful Indoors and outdoor, permanent/ temporary displays and backdrops with flowers & foliage that can make your environment/ space look beautiful and brighten up any space as well as boosting energy levels and creativity.

Flower backdrops and displays are fantastic marketing opportunities for your business, with the current market flooding with selfies and empowered by photos on social media allot of companies have these installations to market their business and brand.

We offer free onsite and written quotations for installation and can also recommend numerous ideas for any setting inc:

  • Hair Salons

  • Beauty clinics

  • Barbers

  • Offices

  • Hotels

  • Shops

  • Bars/ Cafés/ Restaurants

  • Window Displays

  • Doorways/ Door arch

Why artificial flower arrangements?

  • We use high spec quality silk flowers for installations which are maintenance free, recyclable and last a lifetime.

  • Botanical, Greenery and foliage installations are weatherproof, Flame resistant and again recyclable.

  • Cost effective over live flowers dying over time.

The heart of your business success lies in its marketing.

Marketing is a product/ brand/ service introduced and promoted to potential customers, which better way to promote free marketing by your customers/ clients posting to their social media pages and sharing photos with the world.