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Installation Services


Our bespoke installation services can be installed both internally and externally for both business and home inc shopfronts, window displays, floral doorways, facades, archways, inside walls, ceilings, backdrops, pillars, flower wall/ flower walls, gardens etc

An experienced member of the team will discuss your requirements and can create mood boards using colour, props and images for inspiration.

Our installations include a range of different business types/ settings including:

  • Hair and beauty salons

  • Bars/ Cafes/ Restaurants

  • Aesthetics

  • Hotels

  • Shops

  • Events

  • Barbers

  • Home Interior

  • Garden/ Courtyard

  • Offices

  • Nursery’s

Why artificial flowers?

Our artificial flowers are made from both high quality silk and synthetic,  their detailed life like construction, and realistic coloration gives them the overall look and feel of a real flower.

They are long lasting, hypoallergenic, weather well and maintenance free, perfect for business use.

Its that time again!


Green walls are are very popular amongst all home and business installations, these beautiful backdrops of greenery/foliage are not only perfect statement pieces for your clients and customers but have many other benefits. 

They can be tailored to not only compliment your space but they can also incorporate any theme or colours and garenteed to rejuvenate any space, .Whether you’re looking to upgrade your office space or designing a completely new setting.


We have a wide variety of Pampas Grass stems both natural and colored ranging from 90 - 150cm in height, please get in touch for orders and more information.


Floral décor has a wide range of benefits visually and financially!

Creating a great ambiance and produces productivity, the power of floral décor is now taking over the internet and social media platforms worldwide, everyone looking for the perfect backdrop for their social media profiles essentially free advertising and marketing for your business!

Not only do they look beautiful but are a cost effective compared to real flowers and the continuous upkeep, bringing vitality and color to any space inside or out.

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